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The Pioneer Programme for entrepreneurs by John Williams at The Ideas Lab London

With bestselling author John Williams

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Imagine being the proud owner of a business that really works!

Yes that means you, doing something you love & that feels natural and actually makes great money.

To do that you need 3 things:

  • To position & package something you do so that it sells (and at a good price)
  • A flow of leads - ASAP!
  • The ability to turn those leads into sales at a good price for you

This is what the Pioneer Programme will give you.


  • You've been struggling to get a business idea off the ground for some time, you've followed the marketing gurus - perhaps spent money on courses that didn't take you anywhere - but nothing is really happening. And maybe your partner is starting to question whether you should just go get a job!
  • OR You're currently stuck on the freelancing hamster-wheel - you know the routine: when you're on a project you're too busy to do marketing and when you come off a project you have time but now you're worried where the next piece of work will come from? And even when you are working you're finding people increasingly questioning your rate 
  • OR You've desperately wanted to escape your job for some time but you can't afford to gamble on being left without a proper income
  • OR You've got a working business and you want to launch something new - something to create recurring or passive income, an online course, or a new way of delivering what you provide, but you're afraid to mess up what is currently working

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in 15 years of working with clients and put into the Pioneer Programme. My mission: to create the most accessible way for people to access the kind of expertise people on my private client mentorship pay £7,000-15,000 to access but at a fraction of the price.

The result is something that gives you the power of the Pioneer Method based on Viral branding, Empathy Marketing and the Generosity Funnel: instead of struggling to stand out from the competition, you become the only choice for the people you most want to work with

The Pioneer Programme itself will kick off on 8th February and in 90 days we’ll build your business, brand, offer, copy, and marketing strategy together and you’ll get personal input from me in our regular Office Hours sessions & deep-dive group coaching sessions so that you make your first sales faster than you would ever expect and come away with a business that is finally working.


  • Which business idea should I concentrate on?
  • How can I be sure it will work?
  • What price should I charge?
  • How do I run something online?
  • How do I get people to come to my website?
  • How do I get real results on social media?
  • What should I put on my website?
  • How do I turn this into my main source of income?

We answer all of it for your particular business in the Pioneer Programme


Perhaps you can relate to this...

Years ago, I had a 'good job' as a senior managing consultant at Deloitte but the corporate world didn't suit me. I dreamed of escaping the 9-5 to get the creativity, freedom and self-expression I craved.

For the first couple of years working with clients I didn't get very far trying to work it all out on my own and things got pretty stressful. The breakthrough was when I joined a programme to get direct input from an experienced entrepreneur. I paid £6,000 to join and it terrified me but I made an additional £60,000 back in a year on top of what I was already making and ever since then I have had a unique 6-figure business that fits like me like a glove.

What's your dream?

To escape your job? To step off the freelance hamster wheel? To finally do something with that good idea stuck in your head? To show the doubters and haters around you (and yourself!) that you really can do this? To do something for a living that lights you up? To reach 6 figures and beyond? To win lucrative corporate contracts? To finally be known & respected for what you do?

Let's make your dream a reality together.

The Pioneer Programme is not a course you study on your own. It is a 3-month journey where we all work together to deliver you your new business (or next phase of your current business if you have one).


The world is a crowded place and the only way to stand out, attract people easily, and charge high prices is to position yourself as something unique, as one of a kind. That doesn't mean changing what you want to do, it's just a matter of creating the right spin - and that's what I do for you in the Pioneer Programme.

Join us to take what's different about you, your passions and geeky obsessions, your challenges and life experiences, and use them to create something no one else can - a unique brand and business that generates a steady flow of clients, word-of-mouth buzz, and even media coverage. 

Right now this might seem far-fetched from where you sit but I've achieved all this multiple times - creating the Scanners Night event in London that got featured in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and multiple magazines, writing 3 books translated into 10 languages including F**k Work Let's Play which is recommended by The Sunday Times and is currently a top ten business book, and creating the online programme The Ideas Lab 30 Day Challenge with over 1300 participants generating 100s of 1000s of pounds in revenue.  

And I've helped many clients to do the same - to quit their jobs, become famous in their field, attract press and TV coverage, win book deals, and make their mark on the world. You can see some of them on this page.  

"I have taken many marketing courses. They are all very good at giving you all sorts of stuff but for some reason, they (almost all of them anyway) seem to fall short of actually giving you the 'meat'. With John, I managed to get the mind shift I was looking for - a way of thinking, of understanding situations. My way of looking at things has changed and that is what a great program is able to do. It feels like I have reinvented myself :) And this happened because John is a natural at copywriting - something I aspire to become one day!" - Michel



If you're concerned about standing out in a crowded field with many competitors (some of whom are much better known), we will solve that for you by creating your own unique brand that gets attention and makes you the go-to person for the thing you love doing so that you can charge 2x, 4x or even 10x what you think is usual in your field.

More than that, you have the chance to spread a powerful message or idea and actually impact the world in a meaningful way – you get to leave a legacy.


Let's talk money! A cool brand is all very well but it's worthless without a way to make money from it.

In the Pioneer Programme we will create a stand out offer for you - that's a package / programme / course or other product/service that you love delivering and that your ideal clients love to buy - again and again. Our goal: to create a cash cow that we know can make you at least 100K over its lifetime.

And we'll prove it too - by selling it!


If you're running out of steam trying to get people to buy, you can relax now. Because you and I are going to be creating a simple personal plan to generate sales quickly, and build your brand without the overwhelm.

At the heart of this is my concept of the Generosity Funnel - a way of quickly getting into conversations with people that turn into sales and to do so by being helpful (rather than spamming people or posting endless social media updates). I'll show you how to then multiply your impact by switching on a flood of leads.

Finally you'll go away with a one-page 'Smart Marketing Map' to establish your brand and build your following at the same time so that you can scale up to making 100K+ from your stand out offer.

"I wouldn’t have been able to launch my course without you"

Dr Liz Bonet describes her experience of creating her Sleep Better Feel Better course on the Pioneer Programme with John

"The Pioneer Programme was fundamental"

Srabani Sen OBE talks about nailing her diversity consulting offer for organisations in John's Pioneer Programme.

"I was helping people for free & thought I should be being paid!"

Fiona Godfrey had been supporting visual artists for free when she realised it was time to create something that would get her paid

"I needed to turn my creative projects into a bank balance"

Pilot & Dyslexia advocate Amanda Harrison talks about how she created her course for dyslexics on the Pioneer Programme

"The Pioneer Programme provided the structure, accountability and social support I needed to keep going. Making this career change was both exciting and terrifying... There's a lot of different aspects to running your own company and John gives you the essentials in the areas that make the biggest impact... 

Without the course, I don't think I would have had the bravery to go it alone. Thank you, John and team."
- Mary Doyle, named one of the UK's 100 most influential disabled people after taking the Pioneer Programme

Discover The 6-Step Pioneer Method

The Pioneeer Programme syllabus walks you through the 6 steps of the Pioneer Method. John covers a topic in each and then helps you apply it to your business. Here's what we cover:


I walk you through finding the unique message, niche & brand inside what you do so that you stand out, get remembered, and win press coverage.


Discover how to create one thing that you would love to do & that others will be eager to buy. And when you've done that once, you can do it again!


Discover the secrets to describing what you offer in a way that makes it irresistible to buyers - without being cheesy or salesy.


Discover the faster way to get buyers without elaborate social media and marketing funnels


Create a one-page marketing plan with the minimum number of marketing tasks to make your first 100K


You'll go away with a simple list of tasks you can do in 30 minutes or less so you can make progress even when you're busy


A week-by-week online syllabus designed to walk you through the creation of your business whilst working alongside a motivated group of fellow Pioneers

Get direct input from John on your business every week and link up with the rest of the Pioneer community

Our Community Manager Sam will keep you on track and motivated throughout your journey with weekly checkins & monthly community calls

John will give you simple actions to take immediately to make you money on our one day workshop

Join the discussion, share your successes, ask for opinions and get responses from John and all the other pioneers.

John will personally review your niche, your stand out offer and your pricing in 2 deep-dive group coaching calls



Want to get clear on your business focus before we even start the Pioneer Programme? Jump into the Idea Breakthrough Course and get it all nailed down

  • How to choose the right idea for you and know that you won't get bored!
  • How to finally know whether your business idea will make money
  • How to do market research that gets you answers quickly

Inspiration-pack of dozens of entrepreneur interviews on how they found their idea and started from nothing to create a thriving business - from the #1 stop smoking app to the dating coach with millions of YouTube views to a global women's support group to the standup comic turned independent management consultant


 I've been doing sustainability consultancy & bespoke training development. I've been invited to speak at events and I've even started career coaching for sustainability professionals. I'm pleased to say that it is already profitable for me with a gross income close to £33k. Thank you John, because a lot of the ground work was done in the Pioneer Programme. - Virginia​

About John

John is bestselling author of three books translated into ten languages and his advice has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, Marketing Week and numerous other newspapers & magazines. His new book F**k Work Let’s Play is published by Pearson and was chosen as WHSmith business book of the month.

John's entire career has been in innovation & creativity - Senior Managing Consultant at Deloitte, special effects software developer for Disney, independent consultant to the BBC and now as founder of The Ideas Lab.

John has also taken 6 years of training courses in counselling and psychotherapy giving him an unparalleled depth of understanding in working with clients.

John and The Ideas Lab have run one-of-a-kind sell-out events for creative people in London for 12 years, and created programmes with 1000s of global participants making 100s of 1000s of pounds.

John Williams The Ideas Lab Founder
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Feedback from past clients...

Rik Spruyt on the key to his 7-figure business

Mary Doyle Rocket Girl Coaching

"The Pioneer Programme provided the structure, accountability and social support I needed to keep going. Making this career change was both exciting and terrifying and having people alongside you going through it keeps you going when the fear sets in.

There's a lot of different aspects to running your own company and John gives you the essentials in the areas that make the biggest impact. His team is hugely encouraging.

Without the Pioneer Programme, I don't think I would have had the bravery to go it alone. Thanks a million for believing in me John, when I wasn't 100% sure in myself." 

Mary Doyle Founder - Rocket Girl Coaching 

"I have taken many marketing courses. They are all very good at giving you all sorts of stuff but for some reason, they (almost all of them anyway) seem to fall short of actually giving you the 'meat'.

With John, I managed to get the mind shift I was looking for - a way of thinking, of understanding situations. My way of looking at things has changed and that is what a great program is able to do. It feels like I have reinvented myself :)

And this happened because John is a natural at copywriting - something I aspire to become one day!" - 


"Thought I'd let you know my successes:

- Just about to hit my first £10K - My first client - the London Transport Museum - has asked me to bid for supporting them - Been commissioned by the South London Gallery to help orientate their senior leadership team on their Diversity & Inclusion journey - Did a pro bono one hour consultation for a household name campaigning charity yesterday which looks likely lead to work next year - Am now a regular columnist for Charity Times and was a judge in their Charity of the Year awards this year - Been invited already to speak at two events next year"

Srabani Sen OBE Full Colour 

"John doesn't just deliver you a load of videos and leave you to get on with it. He is invested in your success." 

Michael MacMahon Public Speaking Coach & Radio Host

"The past 5 years wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn't met."

Rik Spruyt Founder & Managing Director of 7-figure business CrossTrades OBL 

"John helped me right from the start to narrow down all my ideas to focus on the one that really excited me. He helped me take it further from a concept to being something tangible and used his network of contacts to help provide direction and guidance in a completely new area for me. John has a wealth of experience related to starting up businesses and helped inspire confidence for me to keep going with my new venture." - Sanjay Sony, Naturalworks Nutrition Bars  

"Working with John gave me a real confidence boost and a clearly defined plan that produced my first four figure executive career coaching sale. His ongoing support and advice have proved invaluable." - Amechi Udo, Career Change Strategist 

"Working with John helped me dig out this formerly 'crazy idea' that I was secretly excited about but too scared to actually do. John encouraged me to launch it as a play project which was a blast and I really got to experience the value my 'crazy idea' brought to people! Without John's no-nonsense straight-talking input Colour the City may still be a 'crazy idea' in the back of my cupboard - and I'm so pleased it isn't!" - Debbie Warrener 

"John gave me inspiration, opened my mind to more ideas, and I left the meeting with a concrete plan of what to do next. He helped me to package my ideas and my unique selling points in a way that doesn't sound 'salesy' which is something very important to me and why I chose to work with him in the first place." - Adele de Caso  

"Trust in the Pioneer Programme process. Put the work in and you will make & get results." - Sarah

pioneer programme with john williams logo
  • Lifetime access to the 6-step Pioneer Method syllabus of John walking through creating your brand, offer, copy, quick sales and your 100k plan with simple fill-in-the-blanks worksheets for every step
  • Weekly 'Office Hours' sessions which you can drop into whenever you need extra direct input from John - ask about your marketing, your website, your pricing, absolutely anything and get immediate answers!
  • The powerful group experience of The Pioneer Programme with a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs building their businesses step by step at the same time
  • Kickoff live event with John to welcome you onboard and explain what to expect
  • Weekly check-ins with our accountability coach to keep you on track and make sure you get the important stuff done that is all too easy to put off
  • 3 months' support in The Pioneer Programme online community
  • Training on how to adopt the right mindset for success and keep making progress even when you have very little time (and energy!)
  • Get Sales Now - Live 1-Day Workshop Take simple actions on our one day workshop that will make you money
  • Your Ideal Niche Deep-dive group coaching call with John
  • Your Package & Pricing Deep-dive group coaching call with John
  • PLUS: Get free instant access to the entire IDEA BREAKTHROUGH course worth £297.
  • You... with a business you love that is as unique as your fingerprint and that is making real revenue


Pioneer Programme Price: £1665+VAT

For those outside the EU (or VAT-exempt) price = approx US$2285

Get a personal website power-up analysis by John to supercharge your email list & sales (worth £350) FREE OF CHARGE


3 payments of
£555 +VAT

First payment of £555.00 (exc VAT) is taken now, then one in 30 days, and final 30 days after that
For those outside the EU (or VAT-exempt), each payment is approx. US$762

payment methods

"Without the course, I don't think I would have had the bravery to go it alone. Thanks a million for believing in me John, when I wasn't 100% sure in myself." Mary Doyle Rocket Girl Coaching

Got a question?

"I’ve bought other courses and not really got anywhere - and sometimes not even completed them so I'm worried about buying another one"

I confess I've bought courses I have never even looked at! But do you know the ones that I actually used and got massive value out of? The ones that weren't just home study courses but had direct input from people with a lot of expertise.

And that's why I created the Pioneer Programme - not as a course you take on your own but as a powerful group experience that includes personal input from me throughout.

"When does the Pioneer Programme start?"

The Pioneer Programme itself will kick off on 8th February, you also will get immediate access to the Idea Breakthrough course (worth £297) which you can use to get really clear on your business focus.

"Will this work for my business?"

The Pioneer Programme contains fundamental principles that work with any business built around your skills, knowledge or expertise. If you're in any doubt book a call to talk it over.

We will be honest with you if I think your business is not a good fit or you're not at the right stage.

"I don't have time right now. I'll do it another time..."

From the thousands of people I have helped over the last 15 years I guarantee you are wasting 50-90% of your time right now on things that will never pay off for you.

This is painful for me to see!

Let's speed the whole thing up and finally create you a business that works and make you some money!

You can take part in the Pioneer Programme in just an hour or two a week.

"I don't have the money right now."

The first programme of this kind that I took cost me £6,000+VAT. Now I see people at my level charge £10,000+ and you don't even get to speak to the leader personally! 

I appreciate that even this remarkable deal is not a trivial sum of money but right now this is a one-off remarkable opportunity to achieve something amazing with my eyes on your progress throughout - all for a fraction of what most people charge.

Also consider this: How many sales would you need to make at least your money back? There's a good chance that after the Pioneer Programme (when I've shown you how to put your prices up!) it might be one sale! If you're selling at a lower price point, it might be three or four.

If I couldn't get you one or even four sales quickly, I wouldn't still be in business!

Remember that you can pay in one instalment or in 3 and you can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Ultimately if you're concerned, book a call with us and if we don't think you can easily make many times your money back pretty quickly we will say so and will recommend you don't join.


       JOIN THE PROGRAMME       
payment methods

"John doesn't just deliver you a load of videos and leave you to get on with it. He is invested in your success." - Michael MacMahon, Public Speaking Coach & Radio Host